Noodles of Love

Whole wheat pasta got ya down? Kids think it tastes awful and shove it back in your face after you made it just for them?

Throw it in the trash. Give up. It’s just pasta for heaven’s sake. Make sure you and yours get some protein, fiber, etc throughout the day and call it good enough. 

Now, get out your favorite enriched white pasta that tastes like your childhood. I like to keep an assortment of shapes and noodles and give my kids turns choosing which noodle we will have that day.  No kids? Savor the noodle-choosing joy for yourself, and relish in it honey. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to add in some nutritional value if it’s really driving you crazy –

Make your sauce with part olive oil (polyphenols! monosaturated fats!), grass fed butter (omega fats! delicious taste!), lemon juice (vitamin C!), iodized sea salt (minerals!), black pepper (digestibility!), and whatever herbs tickle you (food as medicine!).

Voilà! Healthy enough pasta! You did it!

Don’t like those ideas? Don’t worry. Make it however your spirit yearns to, and feel righteous about it. It is your pasta, after all.  Life is wonderful.

Bon appétit, baby.  Let me know how it is.

Noodles of Love,


Published by Marisa Flask

I have a great desire to bring the ordinary to life. I think life is at once more beautiful, and more simple, than we have been taught to believe.

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