You Are Already Perfect

It is amazing to me (well, maybe not amazing…) how many “whole and healthy” people still treat the rest of us like gremlins.

I have friends (virtual and real life, thankyouverymuch…) who are so open-minded and helpful and compassionate. And yet, I’ve heard from more than one of them that I shouldn’t eat bananas, because of…. carbs??? LEAVE. ME. ALONE.

Listen folks. Bananas are good for you. Especially when baked into a luscious bread mix. Life is not complicated.

Should you be healthy? Of course! I wish great healthiness for you!
Should you try to be healthy? A little.

But listen… it is not a punishment. It is not a competition. And it should never, ever, be a comparison.

My body is different from yours in probably 1,000 ways. Therefore, it is impossible to say that what feels good to me will also feel good to you.

If your sleep is disrupted, or your mood is constantly in the garbage, then maybe you should change something or other. But what you change and how you cope is up to you. You know best. What a revelation!

We should all have constant reminders that Facebook ads, TikTok celebrities, and “health gurus”:

  1. don’t actually know us,
  2. probably don’t care about us, therefore…
  3. cannot POSSIBLY decide what is right for us.

What is it that they say?…

You do you, honey.

“Bananas are good for you.”

Published by Marisa Flask

I have a great desire to bring the ordinary to life. I think life is at once more beautiful, and more simple, than we have been taught to believe.

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