The Lemons

What if life doesn’t hand you lemons? –

Then perhaps you should get some. I mean, they’re relatively cheap and all…

I love lemons, of course. They are a grocery staple for me.

I am not a gourmet chef, I’m really just an average stay-at-home-mom who cooks.

I prepare 3 square meals a day (on a good day…), and feed four mouths at each meal on the days I remember to also feed myself.

I like to think of myself as a Frozen Food Expert, a Chicken Strip Chef, a One Pan Miracle Woman.

But honestly, it is sometimes even MORE boring than it sounds. Which is why I love the lemon. Who cares if it makes a recipe “better” or not. You know what it does? It smells good, it looks good, and its naked flavor will light. you. up.

So when life has forsaken you. When your fabulous gray t-shirt collection suddenly looks more depressing than usual…

order those lemons. Put them in a bowl and just look at them. Let that earth-made yellow hit the back of your retinas. They’re beautiful. They’re enticing. They’re sweetly spicy, and they will bring you back to life.

In this blog, I will talk to you about the ordinary things in life. I am not fancy, I like to think that I’m not a complete zealot, but I do have quite a lot of passion, curiosities, and “happy dance moments” about any number of day-to-day things that tend to get overlooked.

You can expect to hear about food stuff, of course. Tips, tricks, grievances, and celebrations. I hope to provide insight on how to make lazy cooking delicious, healthy enough, and a tiny bit joyful. A little window into how we (you and I) can manage to keep afloat.

And if we’re both lucky, I’ll even have some really pretty photos to look at.

Until next time,

“… order those lemons.”

Published by Marisa Flask

I have a great desire to bring the ordinary to life. I think life is at once more beautiful, and more simple, than we have been taught to believe.

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