Food in The New Year

What will food mean for you in the New Year?

A helpful meme on social media suggested that my focus for 2021 will be: Connection, Health, Miracles, and Creation. I can’t say I’m opposed to any of that.

2020 has been a wild ride. I could talk a lot about that, but I would like to re-focus the conversation, if at least for a little bit.

I want to begin the year just as hopeful as any other year. Perhaps even moreso. I want to approach the year with vigor, compassion, and relentless joy – the power behind facing any challenge that gets thrown at us. That irrepressible “Let’s do this!” attitude.

So let’s start with food. I always think we should aim to eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less food that makes us feel badly afterwards. But let’s take it a step further…

1. I will eat something every day that brings me joy.

2. I will never say “I shouldn’t have eaten that.”

3. I will try new recipes!

4. More often I will say, “damn that tastes good.”

5. I will connect with more people, maybe even through food!

6. I will judge my health by my happiness, not by my waistline, and adjust accordingly.

7. I will look for miracles, and praise their awesomeness.

8. I will create.

What are your hopes and dreams? What speaks to you? How can you connect with food this year in a way that brings you joy?

I love you all. I wish you good health, exceptional laughter, and an eternal sparkle in your eye.

Happy 2021 everybody. Lets drink more water, connect with friends, and fiercely take on whatever comes next.



“I will eat something every day that brings me joy.”

Published by Marisa Flask

I have a great desire to bring the ordinary to life. I think life is at once more beautiful, and more simple, than we have been taught to believe.

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