Food and Sex

This is an unapologetic post, and no it isn’t a “how to use frozen cherries on your lover’s nipples” post… so either free your minds or brace yourselves.

There is a strong correlation between food and sex. Food that is enjoyed feels good. When food is approached with shame or eye-rolling, it doesn’t feel good. Sort of like love-making.

We desire both, but a lot of people would rather we didn’t.

Embracing food with curiosity, indulgence, and celebration is a habit that easily carries over to other parts of life. Create habits that bring you to life, not ones that tamp you down.

Do you have foods that are “bad” or “off limits” in your life? Is every hunger pang greeted with affliction, or do you welcome it with desire?

You can lick the butter off of a potato peel, letting it enter your body with glee, opening yourself up to new sensations. Or you could sneakily get a drip of butter on the tip of your fork, taste it, then immediately go to the gym. Your choice, your habits.

Does food shame equal sex shame? I think it’s not just possible, but common.

Our society profits off of food shame (the diet industry, super foods, miracle drinks, gym memberships… ).

Our society rejects sexual pleasure, because it means we might get out of line (sort of like not wanting women to vote, or read, or work).

If we shirk the idea that food comes with guilt, if we rid ourselves of the idea that sex is shameful or unpleasant, then we might end up with our own little revolution. You might actually reclaim your life.

I mean, don’t you miss the guilt-free delight you get from an ice cream cone, a lazy Sunday, or a lover’s touch?

Don’t be afraid to indulge in what life has to offer.

You might actually reclaim your life.

Published by Marisa Flask

I have a great desire to bring the ordinary to life. I think life is at once more beautiful, and more simple, than we have been taught to believe.

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