It’s been awhile. Don’t worry, I’ve still kept up with my foodie self…

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I almost forgot the YouTube channel…

It’s just that I’ve been spending a lot of time luxuriating in the sunshine and the sage smoke…

Yes, the sage smoke.

I have recently committed to diving headlong into my inner most desires. Life is full of desires – many of which I would encourage you to explore. And I, not unlike most of you, have plenty.

But what I’m talking about here is my desire to be connected. My desire to free my mind. My desire to get in touch with the inner stardust of All That Is.

Some might say hippie. Others, weird. Eccentric. Crazy. Witchy woman. Granola girl. Oh-you-know-her… etc, etc.

I’ve been intentionally looking for, arranging, vibing, and collecting crystals, rocks, and plants. I burn sage in the morning to shoo out the stagnant night air, and again at evening to rid us of anything that no longer serves us. I rotate through incense, golden milks, herbal teas, chanting, prayers, meditation, and mudras.

Where will it all lead? I don’t know, but that’s not what I’m thinking about. I’m just trying to listen to myself and to the Universe, and following the lead.

What I do know is this – I am more tan, and my skin is more clear than it has been since I was a child. I easily read an entire novel for the first time since before my children were born. I taste foods more clearly, and listen more closely. Music is felt more deeply, and I’ve lost a taste for my anti-depressants. In fact, I just quit taking them altogether.

If you want to truly lift that dark cloud that follows you around every day – you need to be sure you are living your truth, whatever that may be. For me, it’s out on the indigo edges of society somewhere. For you, it might be serenely creating spreadsheets next to your favorite co-worker, or advocating for a cause meaningful to you, or knitting sweaters for dolphins, or becoming the neighborhood dog-walker…

It is all worthy, and you are all worthy. You just gotta find your truth, silence the distractions, and go at it for yourself.

In the meantime, here is a brief recipe for a spectacular summertime side-dish. Explore your taste buds and ignite your desires –

Corn and Peppers:
1 bag frozen corn
3 bell peppers
Olive oil
Sea salt
Cumin seeds
Black pepper
Fresh herbs

*Add olive oil and cumin seeds to large skillet. Heat until fragrant. Add bell peppers, salt, pepper, sauté for 3ish mins. Add frozen corn and butter, cook through. Add garlic and fresh herbs (we used basil and parsley).

xoxo –


Published by Needs More Lemon

I have a great desire to bring the ordinary to life. I think life is at once more beautiful, and more simple, than we have been taught to believe.

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