I’m a Pear

I am pear shaped. You’re welcome. All that means is that my top half is smaller than my bottom half. Or my bottom half is bigger than it should be. Or I should only eat for 4 hours a day and not the other 20 in order to be… a different fruit shape? It’s theContinue reading “I’m a Pear”

Food and Sex

This is an unapologetic post, and no it isn’t a “how to use frozen cherries on your lover’s nipples” post… so either free your minds or brace yourselves. There is a strong correlation between food and sex. Food that is enjoyed feels good. When food is approached with shame or eye-rolling, it doesn’t feel good.Continue reading “Food and Sex”

Scallops and Rice Noodles

It was a Christmas not quite like years past. My family deciding if it’s safe or not to even see each other for something that we have often taken advantage of over the years – what a strange and fascinating time we are living in. So our holiday felt open. Just like an ordinary Friday,Continue reading “Scallops and Rice Noodles”

You Are Already Perfect

It is amazing to me (well, maybe not amazing…) how many “whole and healthy” people still treat the rest of us like gremlins. I have friends (virtual and real life, thankyouverymuch…) who are so open-minded and helpful and compassionate. And yet, I’ve heard from more than one of them that I shouldn’t eat bananas, because of….Continue reading “You Are Already Perfect”