I’m a Pear

I am pear shaped. You’re welcome. All that means is that my top half is smaller than my bottom half. Or my bottom half is bigger than it should be. Or I should only eat for 4 hours a day and not the other 20 in order to be… a different fruit shape? It’s theContinue reading “I’m a Pear”

On Compliance

I’m currently watching my neighbor look for his cat… again. It’s a daily thing. This has nothing to do with anything, but I had to tell someone. On a completely different note – Do you ever stop and think about how the world demands compliance? Ever notice how a non-compliant person gets put into aContinue reading “On Compliance”

Moderately Chubby with Acne

I am moderately chubby with acne. And you know what? I’m not sad about it. I’m certainly not sorry about it. When my acne gets really bad, it is physically uncomfortable. I admittedly don’t like that part. But otherwise, I feel totally fine with myself. And not just fine, but attractive. gasp! Since when didContinue reading “Moderately Chubby with Acne”

When Inspiration Abandons You

You know how it is. Life is bright and beautiful, and you’ve got it all figured out. The sun is shining, you wake up knowing what you’re doing next – everywhere you look is inspired. You are ready to take action, you have a clear path to the next big thing, and the world isContinue reading “When Inspiration Abandons You”

Why Simple Works

When it comes to food, it can go from easy to complicated in a real hurry. Being with food can make us feel warm and fuzzy, right up until it makes us hate ourselves. Food is every day. We are every day. So let’s make every day simpler, easier, warmer, and fuzzier. When I startedContinue reading “Why Simple Works”

You Are Already Perfect

It is amazing to me (well, maybe not amazing…) how many “whole and healthy” people still treat the rest of us like gremlins. I have friends (virtual and real life, thankyouverymuch…) who are so open-minded and helpful and compassionate. And yet, I’ve heard from more than one of them that I shouldn’t eat bananas, because of….Continue reading “You Are Already Perfect”